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Our Philosophy

How We Approach Your Project

At Joe Dan Media, there are no cookie-cutter projects. We know your business is unique, and we treat it accordingly. We begin by fully discussing your business needs and goals with you. Then we develop a custom solution that will set you apart from competitors and meet the needs of your customers.

Solutions Based on In-depth Research

Our proposals aren’t cookie-cutter either. Before preparing your proposal we thoroughly research what your competitors are doing on-line. In addition to a cost estimate, our proposals include an array of ideas about how we can make your website stand out and how you can scale your site as your business grows.

Attention to Detail at Every Step

Our attention to detail sets us apart and enables us to create websites that make your customers’ on-line experience pleasing and satisfying. As part of this philosophy, we don’t consider any job done until you are 100% satisfied.

Backed by a Thorough Knowledge of Web Tools

Web site technology changes constantly, and we make sure we keep up with the latest tools and solutions. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of today’s internet for your organization.

We Care About Your Business’s Future

We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our customers. This means we think about your future needs even as we design a website to meet your current needs. We make sure your site is scaleable, providing you with a range of versatile options to serve you as your business grows.

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Our Work

Some of Our Stuff

Web Design

Your company website is the single most important marketing tool you have, yet most companies miss the opportunity to put their best foot forward online. Creating or redesigning a great website is not a simple undertaking, and to do it right you need to work with an agency that not only understands all the complex technical and creative issues, but which also understands how to best present your business to the world.

Responsive Design

A responsive website changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. Responsive sites can be designed to make the text on the page larger and easier to read on smaller screens. They can also be configured to make the buttons on the phone’s screen easier to press. 02-650x487More sophisticated ways of using responsive design on a mobile device include: formatting the website to hide or present entirely different information, radically changing the graphics and colors, or even reducing the site to emphasize just its most important piece.

    Responsive websites aren’t a costly investment.

If it has been more than 2 years since you refreshed your website, it’s time to start thinking about an overhaul. Content Management Systems are much more robust than they were several years ago, and provide many new features for you and your users. Content Management Systems also empower you to make changes to the site’s content without extensive knowledge of HTML. In addition, some older features are becoming outdated. If your site uses Flash, many phones don’t currently support it, meaning that customers won’t be able to see your content. Adobe, the manufacturer of the Flash platform just laid off 750 employees and is shuttering one of their divisions responsible for the development of Flash for mobile devices.
It’s time to make your site ready for mobile users, give us a call today!

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